Utah State Board of Education, District 9

Utah State Board of Education, District 9

Avalie Muhlestein


Local control leads to success

I truly trust that parents are best equipped to make decisions for their children, and that local communities are uniquely qualified to make decisions for their schools. I want to do all I can to restore the power back to the families and local communities of Utah.

Teachers are not an expendable commodity. They are the backbone and spirit of the educational system.  We need to loosen the legislative bonds we've put on teachers and allow them to use their creative genius to properly mentor and inspire our rising generation.

I have been mentoring and educating in many forms in and out of the classrooms of children across America since 1998.  I carry with me a perspective from in and out of our beautiful state of Utah, and experience in public, charter, private and home school communities.  I look forward to working together with teachers, administrators, and parents to improve the educational system of our rising generation.




Avalie's Platform

What are the biggest issues facing Utah Valley and how do you plan do address them?

1. Economic and population growth, with accompanying school space and teacher shortages
2. Student safety
3. Overreach of government into the classroom, resulting in increased stress on teachers and decreased time and energy to differentiate instruction so that the rising generation is mentored and supported as needed.

See Platform page for plan to address

What is your perspective on Charter Schools?

I support charter schools.  I feel that they play an important role in the choices available to our families and students.  Parents know best what their students need, and are best qualified to select the right school for their child.  Many times the best fit is a charter school, where parents with a vision have come together to create a community that works best for their kids.  I love the parent involvement and innovation that happens at Charters.

What are your thoughts on Common Core?

I strongly oppose Common Core. 
I believe that local schools and classroom teachers are best positioned to select the curriculum and resources that work best for their students.

Federal DOE?  Keep or not? 

The Constitution does not grant the Federal Government power over Education.  The Federal DOE is a large and unnecessary taxpayer expense.  There are many fantastic universities and private organizations that provide excellent research and support for State and local educational communities.  The Federal overreach into Education has cost the nation billions of dollars and has created a mess that has trickled into our communities.

Do you feel that Public school are adequately funded?

I do not feel that public schools are adequately funded.

For our students to thrive in our new economy, we need to take a look at the massive structure that is our State public education system.  It’s time for a renovation.

What is your position on homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an essential part of Utah’s educational landscape. I will do everything in my power to maintain the autonomy that should be the right of every home school family. I believe that parents are uniquely qualified to determine the best fit for educating their children. Government should never dictate what, where and how children learn.

For more detailed answers to these questions, and more of Avalie's platform, please visit her full platform page

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